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Expense Savvy is Looking for Referral Partners and Advisors

Our business model generates long-term, recurring revenue (and often passive), typically, for three to ten years or more!

As a referral partner, you would work with business owners that are doing $500k to $100 million in annual revenue.

Your job is to network, meet, and talk to business decision makers about the high-level benefits of the Expense Savvy program. Once you've “warmed them up,” our sales team does the heavy lifting.

You don't “sell.” You inform.

You are basically a brand ambassador who nurtures existing and new relationships.

Benefits to Businesses

Business owners pay no upfront costs. For our most popular program, we do a cost analysis that shows them how they “stack up” against their peer group. If we can't save them costs, they don't pay us a dime. If we can reduce their expenses, they only pay a percentage of what we actually save them!

This is a great side hustle or bolt-on to your existing business. It can also easily be a career if you want it to be.

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